Italian eyeglass frame brands

The processing of Essequadro eyewear develops in 72 stages. With CNC machines and a computer-aided design, Essequadro is a leading-edge processing of cellulose acetate. The production process is the result of the combination of tradition and technology. Our production process is the result of the combination of tradition and technology.

We work both with metal and acetate. We use a metal alloy of medical steel, but we are keen on working also with other kind of metal. We work only high-quality acetate with the latest machines at 5 axes. The lenses are cut by an automated machine. The cleaning is done with the process of tumbling lasting hours: tradition wants that the steps of polishing, brushing and finishing are done by hand.

Thanks to an innovative certification Essequadro is able to realize bonding patterns with exclusive colours. The design department offers research model, the development of the project and the design of the eyewear, following your idea in every stage of realization.

We offer you the design, development and support in the selection of a sample of eyewearrespecting the philosophy of your company brand.

italian eyeglass frame brands

The craftsmanship, cutting edge technology and our exclusive patents will provide quality eyewear of the Italian tradition. Before starting any production we are able to build a prototype of the eyewer private label in just 96 hours Request your free prototype. We only use made in Italy alloy of medical steel. The production of the eyewear is made internally and the delivery is really fast.

We have over 2, colors acetate always available. You are an optical or do you want to produce the eyewear with your brand?

We have a collection of eyewear ready for customization with your name and your logo. Models are created by the design department according to fashion trends. To view the sample models of eyewear Request the catalog You have an idea of the model of eyewear to produce?

We can create a free prototype of youreyewear in just 96 hours Request your prototype. Family style A family dream began the career with eyewear the late ' 40s. The latest generation has picked up the batonwith one goal : to design and produce beautiful eyewear that appeal to customers.

University first and stage then in eyewear factoriesthe sacrifice and passion of Stefano Scauzillo had a good revelation: the Essequadro Srl, an example of craftsmanship and creativity. Acknowledgments The first award dates toof the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturerswhich has recognized the quality of workmanship of Essequadro with a special certificate. Stefano Scauzillo is an innovativeextraordinarily creativeelegant and ironic young manager. He gives an extraordinary importance to his teamwork.Sensolatino Yale eyeglasses offer timeless good looks with this retro-inspired wingtip design for men and women.

Sensolatino Salina eyeglasses are made with only the highest quality Italian Acetate materials and are designed to reflect the urbane and impeccable taste of the style-savvy face behind the frame. This model features a Rectangular shape, with a Single Bridge.

Lightweight with a acetate frame and stainless steel temples, the Sensolatino Verona is modern in the detail it carries such as the filigree on the temples, the keyhole nose bridge and the contrast in materials between the frame and the temples.

Available in different color combinations, this classic shape of Sensolatino Sorrento is the perfect mix of Cool and effortless. Sensolatino Tremiti eyeglasses will give you that classic preppy look. Add some intellectual gravitas to your style. Made for Men but also look great on Women. Perfect for men and women. Sensolatino Siena eyeglasses for women and men feature a clean, modern silhouette with a chic retro vibe.

Sensolatino Roma is an accessible luxury eyewear that appeals to those who strive to live every day with style.

Sporting full rim fronts and high-luster Acetate construction, these frames strike the perfect balance between beauty and wearability. It is lightweight and combines a retro feel with a more modern look. Sensolatino Sanremo eyeglasses are perfect for the modern professional, or anyone looking for a grown up contemporary take on the collegiate look.

Those lovely Sensolatino Alassio eyeglasses elevate any look with sophisticated, art deco inspired lines and unisex styling for any occasion. Sensolatino Bellagio work great for women and mens who love the classic designer look. These eyeglasses are made with acetate, a material known for its durability, light weight and flexibility. These Eyeglasses work well for people whose style is: Stylish Designer, Hipster.

Sensolatino Pompei eyeglasses offer a casual elegance with traditional horn rimmed lines for the man and women who wants a timeless styling. This pair is ideal for round-shaped faces. Sensolatino Milano eyeglasses designed for the contemporary woman and mens reinvent the classics with fun, fashion style. Renowned for a fresh, whimsical sensibility, Sensolatino Milano eyeglasses continue to capture elements that define the modern personality. Available in different color combinations, this classic shape allows you to express your inner personality.

This model features a Square shape, with a Single Bridge. Sensolatino Garda eyeglasses speak to every woman who appreciates clean styling with sophisticated detailing. Available in different color combinations.All products are independently selected by our editors. If you buy something, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Four eyes have never been so on-trend. No longer considered a corrective measure integral to basic daily functioning, eyeglasses are now looked upon as a finishing touch with the ability to instantly smarten up your appearance.

But sourcing the perfect pair of eyeglasses is no easy task.


But first, a test. Heart shapes should look to minimise the top of the face to widen the chin; oblongs should look to add width; diamonds the rarest of all face shapes should complement angular features with just as angular spectacles. In truth, we think these rules can be quite limiting. Think instead about facial features. For sharper jaws and cheekbones, consider softening with a round pair of frames, and for circular faces with soft features, an angular pair will likely balance you out.

While tortoiseshell and semi-translucent acetate frames have certainly been the more popular of the two in recent years, each has merit. On the more statement end of the wire spectrum are aviators, a brash nod to the s best done in silver-tone metal. Acetate, meanwhile, tends to offer maximum versatility in design, with plenty of elements that brands can add a bolder mark to.

And when it comes to getting your prescription fitted, treat yourself to the added extras. At matchesfashion. Family-run NYC specs brand Moscot makes timeless eyeglasses with high-grade Italian acetate and premium finishing touches.

Fittingly, their thick rims make a very bold statement. At mrporter. Our favourite from its range right now is the Weston, a classic square frame that suits pretty much everyone who tries it on. These rectangular frames are best suited to round and soft face shapes, working to strengthen your facial features. Modelled after the frames a little known pop artist was known to sport, these transparent Andy Warhol-inspired frames have been handcrafted in Japan.Here at Eyewearhaus we pride ourselves on the idea of individuality.

We carry hundreds of unique frames from the top designers in the world specializing in eyewear design and manufacturing allowing you choose from the most advanced eyewear until your glasses fit your personality perfectly.

Italian Sunglasses Brands – The Best products Made in Italy

Come into our eyewear boutique located in Creve Coeur and find your new eyeglasses or sunglasses today. We must warn you; when you come to Eyewearhaus Boutique in Creve Coeur you might have a new problem. The ALV collections are characterized by the Passport print, collected all the stamps in his passport and joined them together in acetate frames. The Amacord collection was brought to life with the idea to connect the past to the present.

italian eyeglass frame brands

Amarcord seeks to contemplate the past and its masterpieces to find eternal value. Anne et Valentin continue to inspire the industry with their eyewear company that focuses on ergonomics, bold, lively styles and respecting those that wear them.

italian eyeglass frame brands

This collection leaves every wearer feeling sensually stylish. In Maria Pramaor and her husband Primo Del Din, started working with titanium, to create something different from their competitors.

If you want to create a superb product there are no shortcuts, there is only one road to take.

Italian Sunglasses Brands – The Best products Made in Italy

Catuma is a young brand Made in Italy which designs and develops high quality eyeglasses and sunglasses. Catuma is relentless pursuit of perfection, study of materials and design excellence. Known for their use of high-quality Austrian crystals and elegantly designed frames, Caviar Collection Eyewear embodies sophistication and glamour that expresses an everyday elegance appropriate for the most formal of occasions.

The final effect is a sturdy but at the same time lightweight eyewear where the color combinations between metal and plastic create surprising and inimitable shades. The Fusion Eyewear brand has a variety of distinct styles to choose from. Their styles range from classical frames with a Japanese background to contemporary frames based on European architecture. With all of these options available Fusion has a pair of frames for everybody. Designed by the best in Belgium and manufactured by the best in Japan, Iyoko Inyake is topped off with a coating of 3.

Traditional French manufacturing since conception. Rey Eyewear is an essential driving force on a market addicted to novelty. Just like the famous Jaguar automobile, Jaguar Eyewear is all about luxury, sophistication, style, quality and innovation. With these frames you will look and feel like a Jaguar. No, not the animal, but like a Jaguar customer. Jhane Barnes wears eyewear herself, which allows her to create frames that put your best face forward.

Professional and sleek, Jhane Barnes frames add a certain sense of class and modern sophistication to any menswear style. They pride themselves not on creating new trends with their eyewear, but on making classic designs timeless.

Dreamed in Berlin and handcrafted in Italy, each Kuboraum Mask is created to highlight personality and emphasize character, changing perception of self. These frames aren't for the faint of heart. Elegant, simple designs hand crafted to be the best.Taking cues from downtown New York and inspiration from around the world, our styles are a direct product of our endlessly fascinating surroundings.

We take a passion for modern design and translate it into pieces that are fundamentally wearable. Our frames are handmade exclusively by the leading manufacturers of luxury eyewear, in small family-owned factories in Italy and France.

Only the highest-grade materials are used. This meticulous process takes over 90 days and requires more than 50 steps from start to finish. Not in New York? No worries — we have 10 other retail shops that are just as amazing! My Cart. Your cart is empty. Continue shopping. Best Sellers Next Previous.

Team Favorite. Shop wynwood ace. The Legend. Shop leonard ii e. Shop mykonos ace. Shop All. Shop Our Instagram Next Previous. Designed in New York, handmade in Italy and France. Designing a pair of illesteva glasses happens in-house at our SoHo studio. Your eyes aren't playing tricks on you - enter to win the Leonard. By entering with your email above, you agree to receive emails from illesteva from time-to-time.

We will select one winner per month to receive a Leonard frame of our choice and contact them by email.There are dozens of sunglasses brands in the market. But obviously, not all of them are really worth your time and money. Focus on the brands that not only bring you style and quality, but will also make you happy to own.

Rounding out the list is Persol, a brand owned by Luxottica. Persol is an Italian maker of eyewear founded by Giuseppe Ratti. It was born inmaking it one of the oldest eyewear companies in the world. Persol is known for producing durable and stylish sunglasses. Unless you regularly subject them to extreme punishment, Persol sunglasses are known to last several years. The company has a wide selection of sunglasses, with the iconic Steve McQueen Persol being the most popular in the lineup.

Persol sunglasses are on the expensive side, though not as much as some of the other brands mentioned above. Not exactly the most affordable price point for most regular folks. But you do get what you pay for with Persol, our top choice for the best sunglasses brands in the world. Learn More. Warby Parker is an American manufacturer of sunglasses first established in The brand is notable for its selection of affordable and stylish sunglasses.

People looking for sunglasses which offer excellent value for their price should definitely include Warby Parker on their list of brands to check out. Basically, every time someone buys a pair, the company pays to have another one created and then donates it to a non-profit organization.

Oliver Peoples is the first of three brands owned by Luxottica on this list. You can probably already guess the other two. Oliver Peoples is an American eyewear brand. It was founded in and is currently headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

The brand was bought by Oakley in and later became a part of Luxottica when the Italian eyewear giant bought Oakley in Oliver Peoples sunglasses are known for their detailing and distinct frames. All the products come with outstanding quality, courtesy of the materials used by the company. Mykita is an award-winning German eyewear manufacturer. Currently operating from Berlin, Mykita is known for producing hand-assembled sunglasses.

But you do get what you pay for. Mykita sunglasses are renowned for their top-notch quality.As young children, most Americans take their vision for granted. As we age, radical changes in our eyesight takes place.

italian eyeglass frame brands

We develop near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and afflictions of the eye and retina. As the population of Americans with vision problems continues to grow, many are in need of corrective lenses. The majority of the vision-impaired choose to make a fashion statement with the color, shape, and frames of their glasses. There are even people with perfect vision that wear glasses with clear lenses to flaunt fashionable eyeglass frames. Elton John had corrective eye surgery years ago but still sports a vast collection of clear-glass eyewear to make a fashion statement.

The majority of these eyewear frames are manufactured in China. Approximately 95 percent of eyeglass frames are made outside of America with more than 90 percent produced in China, the land of inexpensive labor. It is believed that eyeglasses originated in Italy because of the the abundance of Zyl, a cellulose acetate that is a vital component in producing durable plastic frames. But today, there are only a few Italian eyeglass frame makers, such as Alain Mikli, Lafont, and Silhouette, which continue to manufacture in Italy.

All of the other major Italian eyeglass companies have moved the majority of their production to China. Luxottica has acquired many famous eyewear brands, including the most popular American brands.

These expensive designer brands are, too, made in China. Approximately 95 percent of eyeglass frames are made outside of America with more than 90 percent produced in China.

The glasses may be stamped Made in Italy or Made in America, but that reference is only to the optical lenses being filled in a particular country. In America, the search for Made in the USA frames is nearly non-existent, save for a few small companies that are either newer startups or those who have been able to weather the onslaught of cheap Chinese frames. Shuron began manufacturing lenses and frames in in Geneva, New York.

It has survived through three centuries and has created quite a history for itself; it was the primary source of optical products and machinery for independent and wholesale laboratories in the s, as well as having served the U. Army troops in WWII by providing mobile optical units. He had been working at Shuron since At the top you had a few manufacturers, then they draw a line where they distributed their product.

They distributed those to what they call the wholesale laboratories. Shuron would go out the laboratories and approach the bulk of the salesmen who would be the dispensers to the local opticians.

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